Codots Employment &
Entrepreneurship Development

Here, we focus on promoting youth employment, education and training with primary emphasis on reducing the proportion of Youth Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET). It is one of the key indicators of Sustainment Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. Our employment programs not only focus on the technical, skills and right based approach.

The share of youth NEET indicates the number of young people not in education, employment or training.  This group can be at risk in terms of lower labour market participation and social exclusion. NEETs include the unemployed, discouraged, disabled, with family responsibility due to the social stigmas and others. NEET-discouraged category indicates the young people who neither employed nor in education but are also not actively looking for work. Considering these diverse groups, our Employment related services are designed to focus on employability skill mapping and enhancement, Knowledge dissemination, Skill development activities, training and capacity building and Employment mentoring by professional experts.

The entrepreneurial process since the day of inception of idea takes longer duration , combined with many challenges such as the lack of resources, knowledge, accurate information, legal complications and negative societal environment, which often force many entrepreneurs to shut their ventures.

Role of Codots

  • Facilitating an “Entrepreneurial Revolution” among the youth
  • Developing a network of first-generation entrepreneurs for cross-cutting interactions and peer-learning
  • Effective entrepreneurship education and capacity building by the professional experts, right from the inception of idea
  • Focus on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Networking events
  • Mentoring services
  • Incubation referrals
  • Co-working space

Co-Create Program

Co-Create is an Entrepreneurship Development Program for Aspiring Youth who want to become an entrepreneur. The focus is to educate and equip potential first-generation entrepreneurs and have various components as follows:

  • Personality Assessment and focus on improving the capacity to face challenges
  • Entrepreneurship Skill Assessment and Counselling by Experts
  • Facilitates the business ideation process
  • Preparation of one project proposal
  • Guidance on the bank loan/financial resources/incubators/investors
  • Linking with industry mentors
  • Information dissemination of the relevant Government schemes
  • SDG oriented training modules