About youth resource centre

Young people experience a transition period from childhood to adulthood. This is an important phase which affects the entire life span development. India’s demographic dividend can have positive impact on socio-economic development, if the young population are provided with right information, inclusive opportunities, support, services and more importantly a space where they can learn, unlearn, evolve and contribute for personal and social development. Through Youth Resource Centre (YRC), we aim to channelize the potential of the youth by providing institutional services, enhancing youth networking and nurturing a supportive physical environment for effective youth engagements. The YRC will be a safe, creative and youth-friendly space, for enriching and strengthening youth leadership.

Services of Youth Resource Centre

Youth Resource Centre envisions to provide a physical platform for youth to engage in their personal and professional development. Youth Resource Centre (YRC) will have a membership based model the various services to be provided by YRC includes

  • Resource Rental Services (Youth Library) : Books, Equipments and tools for music, sports, travel, technology, etc
  • Career Guidance and Counseling ( Evolve Program): One to one and group workshops or events
  • Learning Workshops(Collaboration & Engagements) : Skill development, capacity building, etc
  • Co-Working Space
  • Youth Engagement Services

Functioning of the youth resource rental services

The youth resource rental service will be providing tools, instruments and equipments in a combination of emerging, needed among young people and some lesser known. The diverse option aims to encourage to develop their genuine interests and talents by getting involved and exploring the wide range of activities. The resource rental service will be offering the service at a very minimum and affordable pricing. The rental service shall enhance the accessibility to explore resources in inclusive and equitable manner.

By participating in these activities, youth will be able to discover their abilities, enjoy learning more about the activities and the skills required for these activities and networking with like-minded young people and experts from the field.

The following are the major categories of rental services :

Music Instruments
Arts and Crafts
Sports & Games Equipment
Photography & Videography tools
Adventure-Trekking & Camping
Computer & Technology