About youth space

Young people, as change agents and decision makers, have dynamic capabilities and energy when they are facilitated with a strong and supportive environment. Here at Youth Space, we facilitate a single and comprehensive digital platform for the youth, through which they are connected with various stakeholders from the Government, Non-Government and Private Sectors. For taking informed and unbiased choices, young people are provided with a wide range of options and opportunities. Youth Space strongly identifies the resourcefulness of youth and puts efforts in channelizing the same as well.

Uniqueness of Youth Space

  • Nurturing dynamic capabilities of youth by providing a supportive environment with focus on inclusiveness and equity
  • No youth should be left behind due to the lack of resources, information, mentoring, supportive environment and the non-accessibility to the same
  • A single and comprehensive platform for the youth to connect with relevant stakeholders
  • Provides 360o knowledge dissemination in the relevant areas to address the current scenario of inequal distribution of information and knowledge resources
  • A platform to create informed and unbiased choices from the wide range of options, by the youth
  • Identifies the potential of youth as partners for sustainable development
  • Our engagement areas include Health, Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment
  • A Space where youth identity is recognized which is unique from any other commercialized platforms